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Buying Guide

You’ve scrimped and saved and you’ve finally got your money together to get the bike of your dreams.

What next?

We primarily deal with sales in Ireland and as such we would have a few buying tips.

  • The machine should be as it’s advertised if the image and description don’t match what you are shown walk away!
  • On a used bike sale it’s best to bring a mechanic with you. Since we can’t all do that a simple check of the peripheries may help.
  • Know the spec sheet of the machine, are the tyres the correct size, has the suspension height been adjusted?
  • Do a quick visual check. Is there oil on the fork legs? If so the seals may be leaking and need replacement. How slack is the chain? Too loose and you’ll have to budget for a new one and if it’s too tight it can be a warning of all sorts of problems. Check the tread depth on the tyres and the ‘meat’ left on the brake pads. Look to the wear on the grips and foot pegs. Does it all tally with the mileage?
  • All of this can be done without taking a test ride, but if you are taking one to be sure that you’re insured and kitted out properly. We still hear horror stories here at the magazine about people getting things wrong on bikes they are unfamiliar with, better safe than sorry!
  • Most importantly, if you are buying from a dealer you are covered by the sales of goods act unless you too can be deemed as an expert buyer of motorcycles. If you are buying privately then its a case of ‘buyer beware’.